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Master Flo Choke 5CB Tungsten Carbide & Service-Specific Materials

Materials engineered to resist erosion

Expertise in Materials Engineering for Optimal Performance

At Master Flo, our Materials Engineers bring a wealth of experience in tailoring trim and valve component materials to suit specific application needs. Recognizing the diverse challenges of severe service conditions, we offer a comprehensive range of material options, including our proprietary 5CB Tungsten Carbide. This material stands out for its exceptional erosion and corrosion resistance, as well as its increased toughness, making it ideal for the most demanding environments.

Superior Erosion Resistance with 5CB Tungsten Carbide

In our commitment to offering the best in durability, 5CB Tungsten Carbide has been rigorously tested and proven to provide outstanding erosion resistance. When evaluated in the Master Flo erosion loop, 5CB-equipped trims demonstrated up to 7.7 times the erosion resistance compared to other Tungsten Carbides. This remarkable performance ensures longer life and reliability of our valves under erosive conditions.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is another critical factor in valve performance, especially in harsh chemical environments. In third-party testing, where various grades of Tungsten Carbide were exposed to a corrosive solution of HCl acid saturated with H2S and CO2, 5CB Tungsten Carbide emerged as the superior material. It exhibited 2.2 times the corrosion resistance of Tungsten Carbide with a 6% nickel carbide binder, highlighting its robustness in aggressive environments.

Increased Toughness for Durability

Toughness is a crucial attribute of materials used in valve components, directly impacting their ability to resist fracture and impact-related failures. 5CB Tungsten Carbide’s toughness was assessed using the industry-standard Palmqvist test at a third-party facility. The results unequivocally showed that 5CB offers a significant toughness advantage over all other tested carbide grades, further cementing its position as a material of choice for high-performance valve components.

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