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Master Flo Choke Choke Valve Trim Selection

Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance

Tailored Trim Solutions for Every Application

At Master Flo, we recognize that selecting the right trim is crucial not only for optimizing flow but also for addressing complex challenges in diverse applications. 

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Our range extends beyond the standard external sleeve over ported cage valve trim to include an array of specialized trims, each meticulously designed to meet specific operational needs.

From low-noise environments to high capacity and high-pressure scenarios, our solutions are tailored to your requirements. Key to this selection process is understanding the importance of Liquid Pressure Recovery Factor (FL) and its role in pressure recovery. By carefully considering FL, we ensure that our trims effectively mitigate risks associated with cavitation and flashing, thereby maintaining the integrity of your operations. Our precision-engineered trims also address critical issues like wells freezing off due to temperature drops and damage from excess velocity. Each trim is crafted with custom flow characteristic curves and is available in a variety of service-specific materials, ensuring that you have the right solution for every challenge.


Standard 4-Port Trim

Versatility and Control

Our standard 4-port trim, ideal for external sleeve over ported cage valves, features a dual-port configuration in the nozzle. This design ensures fine-tuned control over the entire operational range, offering an equal percentage flow characteristic. The smaller, lower ports manage the initial 15% of the valve’s control range, while the larger ports handle the remaining 85%, leading to an exceptional turndown ratio and broad control spectrum.

Multi-Stage & High-Pressure Trims

Managing High Pressure Drops

For scenarios with significant pressure drops, our multi-stage trims provide an effective solution. These trims incorporate two concentric ported cages and an intermediate sliding sleeve, throttling pressure in two stages to mitigate cavitation, erosion, and noise. For even higher pressure differentials, our high-pressure multi-stage trim is available. Custom flow characteristic curves can be engineered, and the trims come in various materials, including our proprietary 5CB Tungsten Carbide.

LabFlo Trim

Precision in High-Pressure Drop Scenarios

The LabFlo trim is specifically designed for high-pressure drop applications, excelling in noise and cavitation control. Featuring a labyrinth cage and an internal plug, it ensures smooth flow transition and controlled velocity. Constructed with premium tungsten carbide and designed for easy service, its robust cage minimizes plugging risks while offering custom port designs for optimal performance.

Well Clean-up Trim

Durability in High-Impact Applications

Our well cleanup trim is the go-to choice for flowback and well clean-up chokes, especially in high-impact situations. It effectively absorbs impact energy in its stainless steel outer cage, protecting against catastrophic failure. The trim also leverages our 5CB tungsten carbide in erosion-sensitive areas for enhanced durability.

Laminate 4-Port Trim

Impact Resilience for High-Impact Situations

The laminate 4-port trim is engineered for high-impact applications, capable of withstanding up to 300 J of energy. It features an outer cage for impact absorption and a soft core between cages acting as a crack arrester, with continuous bond technology ensuring structural integrity.

Multi-Port Trim

Noise Reduction and Improved Controllability

Our multi-port trim stands out for its effective noise reduction combined with enhanced controllability during startup. Adhering to our standard of delivering maximum control across the operating range, this trim offers the equal percentage flow characteristic and is available in either stainless steel or tungsten carbide.

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