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Surface Actuation

Precision Control for Choke and Control Valves

Master Flo’s Surface Actuation Solutions offer a wide range of cutting-edge actuators designed to ensure precise and reliable control of our choke and control valves. Whether you require double-acting pneumatic piston actuators, hydraulic piston actuators, rotary stepping actuators, or self-contained low-power electro-hydraulic actuators, our technology is engineered to meet your flow management needs. 

Master Flo’s PDA double-acting pneumatic piston actuator, designed for harsh offshore environments, offers a corrosion-resistant, linkage-free design with fail-closed operation and customizable spring configurations.

The Master Flo FC double-acting hydraulic piston actuator, featuring a sealed drive and no exposed linkages, delivers optimal thrust for choke and control valves, ensuring both environmental and operator safety.

The DSA-Series single-acting spring diaphragm actuators offer robust performance with a large diaphragm for low-pressure operation, available in four sizes and with options like manual overrides and adjustable stops.

The Master Flo HL2-Series actuators, designed for durability and low maintenance, feature a double-acting piston with fail-safe operation, manual overrides, and adjustable stops.

The Master Flo Rotary Stepping Actuator, compatible with P2E through P10 valves, offers a compact, sealed design for easy automation, precise 36° incremental steps for high-pressure valves, and comes in pneumatic, high-thrust pneumatic, and hydraulic options.

Master Flo’s PSE 150 and PSE 300 pneumatic piston actuators, ideal for emergency shutdown systems in wellheads and flow lines, offer independent assembly for ease of service, and can be pre-assembled with Stream-Flo Crown valves or Master Flo choke valves for ESD+ systems.

The Master Flo Hydraulic Single-Acting actuator combines the benefits of our proven hydraulic piston actuator with the added flexibility of the spring-return action common with our pneumatic actuators to provide fail-safe operation on a hydraulic actuator. 

Master Flo offers a range of actuation solutions, including third-party actuators (electric, pneumatic, and rotary) to meet specific requirements, and specialized electric actuation systems, ranging from high-torque to low voltage/low power units, with options for complete solar power integration.

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