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HRV Components and Tooling

Engineered for Subsea Excellence

Welcome to the forefront of subsea choke valve technology. Master Flo’s HRV series represents a pinnacle in precision engineering for challenging subsea environments. Designed for efficient operation and ease of maintenance, each component reflects our commitment to excellence in subsea flow management.

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Choke Insert Module Retrieval

The HRV design enables efficient retrieval of the choke insert module, including the canister, bonnet-clamp connector, and actuator. The canister, a crucial part of the valve trim and seals, protects the valve body during servicing.

Advanced HRV Metal Seals

The HRV valves feature Master Flo’s metal-to-metal sealing technology, providing reliable performance in critical sealing areas.

Bonnet Seal: Master Flo’s bonnet seal, a double-tapered metal seal, ensures robust sealing between the bonnet and body of the HRV valve. When engaged, it provides a strong initial mechanical load, which is further pressure-energized in operation. This seal also facilitates the disengagement process, allowing easy retrieval of the insert.

Bean Seal: The bean seal in the HRV valve is a single-lip metal seal designed for effective sealing between the choke insert assembly and the valve body. Energized by the clamp connector during assembly, it offers dependable performance, further enhanced by fluid pressure in service.

Stem Seal: The HRV valve’s stem seal is a single-lip metal seal, pressure-energized to ensure reliable sealing between the valve bonnet and stem. It includes a protective stem wiper to prevent mechanical damage, exemplifying Master Flo’s commitment to durable and efficient design.

Efficient Running Sequence

The HRV running sequence involves precise alignment and controlled descent of the choke insert module, facilitated by the choke insert running tool (CIRT) and ROV assistance. This process ensures proper alignment, safe landing, and effective sealing upon installation.

HRV Clamp Connector

A key feature of the HRV system, the clamp connector is ROV-operable and secures the choke insert module to the valve body. Its design includes a three-segment mechanism controlled by a threaded stem, offering flexibility in operational access.

HRV Running Tool

The Master Flo CIRT aligns the choke insert correctly and controls the final landing speed during installation. It’s a robust mechanical system requiring ROV assistance, designed for reliability and ease of use.

Test & Transport Skid

The HRV test and transport skid secures and protects the choke insert module during transport and storage. It includes two choke bodies for transport and functional testing, ensuring the insert is ready for deployment.

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