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Comprehensive, tailored solutions.

Master Flo specializes in advanced surface flow management solutions, adeptly handling high-pressure, high-temperature, and extreme conditions to optimize production and enhance safety. Our commitment to industry standards and excellence ensures our products not only meet but exceed expectations in performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, positioning us as a trusted leader in the oil and gas industry.

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High Pressure, High Temperature Service

Surface Solutions

Master Flo is a pioneer in high-pressure and high-temperature choke valve technology and products. Our chokes are field-proven worldwide to deliver reliable flow management in high-pressure, high-temperature service in both surface and subsea applications:

  • High-temperature service up to 800°F.
  • API 6A compliant product for up to 20,000 psi working pressure.
  • SAGD products for injection and production applications.

Extreme Service

Surface Solutions

Designed for performance-driven oil and gas producers, the new Master Flo XP Extreme Service Choke Valve is a robust, reliable, and field-serviceable solution that manages challenging production demands throughout the life cycle of wells. Adding to the unequaled erosion control of our highly successful E Series severe service platform, the new Master Flo XP Choke Valve mitigates the damages caused by high-velocity fluid with entrained solids during the initial production phase of the well and addresses the demands on production efficiencies through the later stages.

Production Optimization

Surface Solutions

As the single point of flow control on your oil and gas well, Master Flo’s superior controllability and longer lifecycle in severe service conditions enable you to optimize production throughout the life of your well:

  • Better manage flow rate and pressure to prevent depleting the reservoir too quickly or undermining well integrity.
  • Superior erosion resistance that allows you to optimize production and revenue in conditions that would otherwise require flow to be restricted to reduce damage to other types of choke valves.
  • Less downtime and production disruptions due to valve repair or replacement.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Surface Solutions

Our standard choke and control valves are designed to provide superior control of erosion, corrosion, and cavitation. This is complemented by the experience to match your application and service with the right trim options, materials, and sizing. The results are significantly increased uptime and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Product sizing based on solid modeling, customizable sizing programs, and results of extensive erosion testing.
  • Comprehensive suite of single and multi-stage trim options for reduced cavitation and advanced flow management solutions.
  • Increased product lifecycle through effective selection of advanced material options, including our proprietary 5CB.
  • Proprietary trim options designed exclusively for highly erosive applications.
  • Extreme service products for aggressive applications.

Low-Power Consumption Actuation

Surface Solutions

Our comprehensive low-power consumption actuation solutions provide reliable flow control of applications both onshore and offshore. We match and deliver the right actuation and power solution for your application, including:

  • Complete solar panel packages.
  • 24 DC actuation requirements.

Enhanced Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Surface Solutions

Master Flo has extensive experience helping our customers meet increasingly strict regulations concerning safety, noise, and local and international standards.

  • Master Flo offers a comprehensive range of valve sizes and configurations that have been tested to meet API 6AF fire safety standards
  • Noise control—The design of Master Flo valves results in lower noise generation in all service types and applications. Similarly, our technical experts can deliver custom solutions based on individual project or regulatory requirements.
  • Fully compliant with all relevant international standards—Including API 6A, API 17D, and API Q1.
  • Customizable qualification offerings for regional specific requirements—Such as GOST, CRN, ARH, ABS, PED, INMETRO, etc.

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