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SL Stepping Actuatorss

Subsea Actuation

Precision Engineered for Subsea Applications

Discover the SL Series hydraulic rotary stepping actuation system, a cornerstone of Master Flo’s subsea choke solutions. Renowned for its lightweight, compact, and powerful design, SL actuators exemplify precision, reliability, and durability.

SL2 Stepping Actuator: Fully adaptable

The SL2 actuator is adaptable, offering options for top or side-drive ROV override. It includes a visual position indicator and can be equipped with an optional LVDT position transmitter for enhanced positional awareness.

Efficient Hydraulic Cylinders

Designed for standard pressures and featuring a double-acting hydraulic circuit, these cylinders ensure consistent, reliable operation. Their innovative cross-porting system balances hydraulic back pressure, allowing for effective spring retraction and ensuring full disengagement in idle conditions.

Innovative Ratchet Pawl System

The heart of the SL2 actuator, this system maintains full-face contact during operation and features a mechanical stop for seamless disengagement. This design ensures precision and reliability in both forward and reverse operations, essential for the demanding environments of subsea applications.

sl actuator mechanism x-ray view

SL3 High-Resolution Subsea Actuator

Introducing the Master Flo SL High-Resolution Subsea Actuator, a groundbreaking development in our renowned SL Series of subsea hydraulic stepping actuators. Building on the robust and reliable foundation of the SL2 actuator, the SL3 model takes precision to a new level. With three times the resolution in the opening direction, the SL3 actuator represents the pinnacle of subsea actuator technology.

Enhanced Precision for Optimal Production Management

The SL3 High-Resolution Subsea Actuator is designed to revolutionize production well operations:

  • Achieve more precise flow management, bringing production wells online with reduced downhole pressure drops. This precision minimizes the “surge” effect in the reservoir when adjusting the choke, thereby decreasing potential reservoir damage, sand production, and damage to trim elements.
  • Incrementally increase production while closely approaching the sand breakthrough point, avoiding overstepping that could cause formation damage or excessive sand production.
  • Retrofit brownfield wells efficiently using the existing electro-hydraulic distribution system. This approach offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing production without the need for expensive battery power banks, additional electrical umbilicals, or other modifications required by electric actuators.

Key Features of the SL3 Actuator

  • Reliability: Inherits the proven design principles of the Master Flo SL Series, known for their reliability, ruggedness, and longevity.
  • High Resolution: Offers three times the number of opening steps compared to its predecessor, allowing for high-resolution flow management.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing electro-hydraulic systems, making it an ideal solution for upgrading brownfield wells.
  • Quick Close Functionality: Retains the same rapid closing speed as the SL2 actuator, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Durability: Demonstrates exceptional endurance with a qualification test of 2 million stepping cycles.
  • Maintenance-Free: An oil-filled actuator that requires no routine maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation.

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