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Offshore Topside

Master Flo's Solutions for Offshore Topside Applications

Master Flo’s offshore topside applications epitomize cutting-edge technology and engineering excellence, catering to the unique demands of offshore environments. Our solutions are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of high-pressure, harsh maritime conditions, ensuring reliable and efficient flow management. With a focus on safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness, our products and systems are tailored to enhance production and operational efficiency on offshore platforms, making Master Flo a trusted partner in the offshore oil and gas industry.

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Optimizing Offshore Topside Flow Management


Custom Corrosion Control

Our extensive experience partnering with customers to deliver offshore topside solutions around the world has enabled us to develop unparalleled expertise in offshore corrosion control. We can work with you to provide application-specific:

  • Custom paint specifications.
  • Holiday testing for cathodic protected systems.
  • Recommendations from our experienced materials engineering department based on fluid analysis.
  • Corrosive/erosive resistant standard and proprietary material options.
  • TM0177 qualification for non-NACE materials used in sour applications.

Weight and Space Optimization

Whether in an onshore facility or on an offshore platform, Master Flo collaborates with our customers to meet application-specific weight and size requirements. These weight and space optimization solutions include:

  • Custom inlet and outlet dimensions.
  • A robust selection of end connections, such as API and ASME flanges, and proprietary third-party connections.
  • Custom actuator design for capacity and space considerations.
  • Custom design for specific center-of-gravity requirements.
  • Custom forging design for weight considerations.

High Pressure, High Temperature Service

Master Flo choke valves are field-proven around the world to deliver reliable flow management in high-temperature and high-pressure service, and in both surface and subsea applications:

  • High temperature service from up to 800°F.
  • API 6A compliant product for up to 20,000 psi working pressure.
  • SAGD products for injection and production applications.
  • Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) and other high-temperature applications.

Increased Up-Time & Lower Cost of Ownership

Our standard choke and control valves are designed to provide superior control of erosion, corrosion, and cavitation. This is complemented by the experience to match your application and service with the right trim options, materials, and sizing. The results are significantly increased up-time and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Product sizing based on solid modeling and customizable sizing programs, as well as the results of extensive erosion testing.
  • Comprehensive suite of single and multi-stage trim options for reduced cavitation and advanced flow management solutions.
  • Increased product lifecycle through effective selection of advanced material options, including our proprietary 5CB grade tungsten carbide material.
  • Proprietary trim options designed exclusively for highly erosive applications.
  • Extreme service products for aggressive applications.

Low-Power Consumption Actuation

Our low-power consumption actuation solutions provide reliable flow control of applications both onshore and offshore. We match and deliver the right actuation and power solution for your application, including:

  • Complete solar panel packages.
  • 24DC actuation requirements.

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