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HRV Insert Retrievable

Unlocking Underwater Control

The HRV choke valves are engineered for extreme subsea conditions, certified for depths up to 11,000 feet (3350 m) and pressures up to 15,000 psig (103,000 kPa). They feature an angle-bodied design with a tool-retrievable insert, suited for interventions using a cable-deployed tool with ROV assistance. The guide funnel aids in positioning the choke insert tool during installation. These valves also incorporate an ROV-operated bonnet clamp and metal-to-metal seals for critical sealing areas. They are designed for efficient operation with actuator hydraulic connections and are easily integrated into subsea installations.

Efficient Installation and Retrieval

The body and insert module of our HRV valves can be effortlessly installed or retrieved using a cable-deployed running tool, aided by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This innovative approach streamlines subsea operations, enhancing efficiency and precision.

Comprehensive Internal Package

The choke insert module (CIM) comprises all essential choke valve internals and the actuator, simplifying maintenance and optimization. An ROV-operated clamp connector secures the insert to the valve body, ensuring reliability in even the harshest subsea conditions.

Robust Sealing Technology

Metal-to-metal seals are strategically integrated into all critical sealing areas, including a double-tapered metal bonnet seal. This cutting-edge sealing technology guarantees the integrity and performance of our subsea choke valves.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our insert retrievable subsea choke valves are available in various sizes and pressure/temperature ranges, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Valve Type

  • Right angle and custom configurations available

Max. Pressures

  • 10,000 psig / 69,000 kPa

  • 15,000 psig / 103,000 kPa


  • 11,000 feet / 3300 m

Standard Connections

2″ to 7″

Standard Trim

Ported cage with external sleeve.

HRV Components: Engineered for Subsea Excellence

Discover how our innovative designs, from the choke insert module to the advanced metal seals and robust clamp connectors, contribute to the superior functionality of the HRV series.

HRV Insert Retrievable Subsea Choke Valve Variations


  • End connections: 2″, 3″ and 4″
  • Maximum Pressure: 10,000 PSIG
  • Nominal Capacity (Cv): 36
  • Optional Cv: 45
  • Nominal Steps (full close to full open): 160


  • End connections: 3″ and 4″
  • Maximum Pressure: 15,000 PSIG
  • Nominal Capacity (Cv): 92
  • Optional Cv: 129
  • Nominal Steps (full close to full open): 160


  • End connections: 4″, 5″ and 7″
  • Maximum Pressure: 10,000 psig / 69,000 kPa
  • Nominal Capacity (Cv): 162
  • Optional Cv: 205
  • Nominal Steps (full close to full open): 200


  • End connections: 4″, 5″ and 7″
  • Maximum Pressure: 10,000 PSIG
  • Nominal Capacity (Cv): 250
  • Nominal Steps (full close to full open): 213

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