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Surface Actuation

Other Actuation Solutions

Electric Actuation Systems

From Low Voltage/Low Power to High-Torque Electric Actuators

Master Flo’s expertise in flow management extends to electric actuation systems. Our solutions cover a wide spectrum, ranging from large high-torque units to low voltage/low power systems that incorporate complete solar power setups, both onshore and offshore.

Our Electric Actuation Systems offer:

  • Precision Control: Master Flo’s electric actuators provide precise and reliable control over choke and control valves, ensuring optimal flow management.
  • Reliability: Built for durability, our electric actuators are designed to endure harsh environments, delivering consistent performance over their lifespan.
  • Minimal Maintenance: With fewer moving parts and robust construction, our electric actuators require minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs.
  • Hazardous Area Certification: We offer electric actuators with various hazardous-area certifications to meet safety standards for diverse applications.

Third-Party Actuators

Delivering Third-Party Actuators to Match Your Specifications

At Master Flo, we are dedicated to providing tailored flow management solutions that meet our customers’ unique requirements. In addition to our own actuators, we offer a wide range of third-party actuators from various manufacturers to precisely match your specifications. Our commitment is to ensure that you get the right actuator for your application, whether it’s electric, pneumatic, or rotary.

Our Third-Party Actuators include:

  • Electric Actuators
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Rotary Actuators

We work closely with you to select the ideal actuator, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your flow management system and meets your operational needs.

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