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P35E Choke Valve Specs

Valve Type
Right angle choke.

Max. Pressures
6,000 psi / 41,000 kPA
15,000 psi / 103,000 kPa

Standard Connections
3″, 4″, 5″, 6″

Standard Trim
Ported cage with external sleeve.

Max. Cv: 129

Connection Types

  • Threaded
  • API 6A (6B, 6BX)
  • ASME B16.5 (RF, RTJ)
  • Hubbed Connections
  • Mixed End Connections
  • Other End Connections

Available Trim Materials

A number of service-specific materials are available. Request a data sheet for details.

Flow Characteristics

Equal percentage, resulting in a high level of control.

Valve Options

  • Standard calibration head is 2 scale aluminum
  • Standard round barrel style
  • Optional UV resistant polymer
  • Outlet sleeve
  • Body bleed port

Max. Bean Size: 179

Optional Trims

Multi-stage, high-pressure multi-stage trims, LabFlo and laminate trims.


Body, bonnet, stem, bolting, retaining sleeve, and seals are available in a number of service-specific materials. Request the data sheet for details.

Actuation Options

  • Master Flo Rotary Stepping (Pneumatic) Actuators
  • Master Flo Rotary Stepping (Hydraulic) Actuators
  • Master Flo Pneumatic Piston Actuators (6000)
  • Master Flo FC Hydraulic Piston Actuators (6000)
  • Master Flo DSA-Series Single-Acting Diaphragm Actuators
  • A variety of third-party actuators. Contact us for details.

P35E Variations

P35E BB 6000

A balanced choke with a bolted bonnet. Maximum pressure rating of 6,000 psi / 41,000 kPa.

P35E BB 15000

A balanced choke with a bolted bonnet. Maximum pressure rating of 15,000 psi / 103,000 kPa.

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