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MED Cage-Guided Globe Control Valve Specs

The MED Series globe valve has a cage trim with a balanced plug and a selection of flow characteristics. Various trim options are available in a common platform to handle a wide range of applications. We can easily select the right body size, flow characteristic, and trim to meet your process requirements.

The standard valve plug action is push down to close.


  • The cage guide ensures accuracy and stability of the plug movement.
  • Valve flow characteristics can be easily changed by replacing the cage.
  • Reduced Trim design can control low flow without changing the valve size.
  • Noise reducing cage available.
  • Balanced trim design reduces the thrust required for valve opening and closing.
  • Multiple graphite piston rings provide shutoff Class IV up to 593°C (1100°F).

P/T Rating
Class 150, 300, 600

Connection Types

RF Flanged – CL150, 300, and 600 per ASME B16.5

RTJ Flanged – CL150, 300, and 600 per ASME B16.5

BWE – Schedule 40 or 80 per ASME B16.25

Screwed or Socket Welding (1″ or 2″ only) – Per ASME B16.11

Standard Connections
NPS – 1″,1 1/2″,2″,2 1/2″,3″,4″,6″,8″

Max. Pressures
1500 Psig

Operating Temperature
Max Temperature 593ºC (1100ºF)

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