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Valve Features & Technology

Industry Leading Choke Valve Technology & Products

Master Flo’s dedicated Engineering and Research and Development teams set the standard for advancement of choke valve technology and products. That’s why the global surface and subsea oil and gas industry turns to Master Flo technologies, products, and solutions for severe service applications and other situations in which reliable flow is critical.

Our ongoing Research and Development has advanced choke valve design to enhance our already impressive erosion resistance, developed proprietary new materials for erosive and corrosive service, and lowered costs with proprietary Master Flo technologies that make choke valves easier to inspect and maintain in the field.

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External Sleeve Over Ported Cage Trim

Choke Valve Technology

Master Flo’s ongoing research and development has resulted in continuous advancements in controllability, erosion resistance, and other factors. Today, the Master Flo external sleeve over ported cage trim is the surface and subsea industry standard, particularly for high-pressure, large-pressure drop, and severe service applications.
  • The external sleeve over ported cage design delivers this superior performance by impinging flow on itself in the center of the cage, dissipating the throttling energy. The impinged flow is directed upward, into the trim and away from the outlet, which further reduces the throttling energy and contains residual wear to the hardened trim components. As a result, the throttling energy is dissipated before it enters the outlet bore. This protects the outlet wall from erosion that high-velocity flow can cause. Further protection from erosion is provided by the retaining sleeve, which isolates the main body bore from the incoming flow.

  • Other Master Flo advancements to the external sleeve over ported cage include:

    • 4-Port flow control for superior flow characteristics.
    • Independent upstream shutoff.
    • Non-threaded trim.
    • Service-specific materials, including our proprietary 5CB Tungsten Carbide.
    • Optional trim designs for service-specific requirements.

Flow Characteristics

Choke Valve Technology

The standard Master Flo trim provides a high level of control over the life of the trim. Smaller lower ports provide the initial 15% of control range, while the larger ports provide the valve’s overall capacity. This results in:
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic curve
  • High liquid pressure recovery factor (FL)

With the experience of working with customers to deliver thousands of flow management solutions, we can also provide Multi-stage, high-pressure multi-stage, LabFlo and custom trims to meet your project’s specific flow requirements.

  • Equal percentage flow characteristic curve: Master Flo trims’ equal percentage flow characteristic curve provides gradual response in the lower portion of stem travel, delivering a high level of initial control. As the valve is opened and flow increases, this level of control is maintained throughout the stem travel, resulting in a high turndown ratio, high repeatability, and precise flow control.

  • High liquid pressure recovery factor (FL): As a fluid passes through a choke valve, the pressure tends to dip below its final pressure. This is called the vena contracta effect, and the magnitude of this dip compared to the inlet and outlet pressures is described by the liquid pressure recovery factor (FL). Low FL values can result in cavitation and its accompanying erosion. Master Flo trims have a high FL value throughout their control range, which results in decreased cavitation potential, lower noise, and longer trim life.

Independent Upstream Shutoff

Choke Valve Technology

The Master Flo trim is designed to provide exceptional control and shutoff throughout its life by minimizing erosion to the tapered seat faces, which are positioned upstream from the throttling components. This keeps the seats out of high-velocity zones that cause excessive erosion. Further protection is provided by a “dead band” between the stationary seat and the nozzle ports, which ensures that flow is minimal during seating.

Per FCI 70-2 – 1998, Master Flo trims achieve Class V shutoff. With suitable actuation, they can provide Class VI shutoff.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Surface Solutions

Our standard choke and control valves are designed to provide superior control of erosion, corrosion, and cavitation. This is complemented by the experience to match your application and service with the right trim options, materials, and sizing. The results are significantly increased uptime and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Product sizing based on solid modeling, customizable sizing programs, and results of extensive erosion testing.
  • Comprehensive suite of single and multi-stage trim options for reduced cavitation and advanced flow management solutions.
  • Increased product lifecycle through effective selection of advanced material options, including our proprietary 5CB.
  • Proprietary trim options designed exclusively for highly erosive applications.
  • Extreme service products for aggressive applications.

Low-Power Consumption Actuation

Surface Solutions

Our comprehensive low-power consumption actuation solutions provide reliable flow control of applications both onshore and offshore. We match and deliver the right actuation and power solution for your application, including:

  • Complete solar panel packages.
  • 24 DC actuation requirements.

Enhanced Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Surface Solutions

Master Flo has extensive experience helping our customers meet increasingly strict regulations concerning safety, noise, and local and international standards.

  • Master Flo offers a comprehensive range of valve sizes and configurations that have been tested to meet API 6AF fire safety standards
  • Noise control—The design of Master Flo valves results in lower noise generation in all service types and applications. Similarly, our technical experts can deliver custom solutions based on individual project or regulatory requirements.
  • Fully compliant with all relevant international standards—Including API 6A, API 17D, and API Q1.
  • Customizable qualification offerings for regional specific requirements—Such as GOST, CRN, ARH, ABS, PED, INMETRO, etc.

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