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Case study: Long valve life makes Master Flo the right choice for Permian operator

You get what you pay for.

The old adage is as applicable to the energy industry as anywhere else. Perhaps even more so. Especially in the Permian, where field conditions continue to get harsher, and every second of downtime costs thousands of dollars.

With increasingly volatile mediums coming out of the ground, what might look like a cost savings on paper when it comes to choosing a choke valve during the CAPEX exercise, is instead turning into an OPEX annoyance — or even nightmare — for some producers faced with the fiercest conditions across their Permian plays.

One such Tier 1 producer recently experienced such a shock and turned to Master Flo to help solve their need for an engineered, robust solution that provides superior quality and longevity, to eliminate the costly non-productive time they were experiencing from having to frequently replace their chokes supplied by another manufacturer.

Following an initial trial with our P3E series, they liked what they saw.

Featuring proprietary port, cage, and trim technology, Master Flo choke valves are renowned for their long life and lower total cost of ownership, with some chokes even executing nearly 30 years of nonstop service before needing to be reconditioned.

On the heels of that successful trial, the Tier 1 customer quickly placed an order for more Master Flo chokes for one of their marquee 2023 Permian programs.

Because in the end, you get what you pay for. And when you pay for a Master Flo choke, you get the performance West Texas fields demand.

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