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Master Flo’s High Erosive Service (HES) Choke

In this Q&A session, Matt Nemeth from Master Flo sits down with Craig Veale, an expert in high erosive service technology, to discuss the features and benefits of the High Erosive Service (HES) choke.

Matt Nemeth: Craig, can you tell us a bit about the HES choke?

Craig Veale: Absolutely, Matt. The HES stands for High Erosive Service. It’s a choke we designed specifically for applications involving high velocity and high levels of sand, which can be particularly erosive. This makes it our most robust offering for such conditions.

Matt Nemeth: What makes the HES choke so robust?

Craig Veale: The HES choke has a larger body and a bigger annulus, allowing more room for flow to slow down and dissipate. It also features a larger inlet and outlet, providing more space for movement before the flow enters and exits the choke. Additionally, it includes a solid tungsten carbide wear sleeve in the outlet, which is where we often see the most wear. This sleeve is made from our proprietary 5 CB tungsten carbide blend, offering superior protection against erosion.

Matt Nemeth: In what applications do you primarily see the HES being used?

Craig Veale: We see the HES choke used in a variety of applications, especially in gas operations. High-pressure gas reservoirs often result in supersonic flow speeds, which are very erosive. Fracking operations, which involve sand as a proppant, also benefit from the HES choke’s durability. While it might be overkill for some applications, anywhere sand is involved, the HES choke proves its worth.

Matt Nemeth: What has the customer feedback been like for the HES choke?

Craig Veale: We’ve received very positive feedback. Customers appreciate the increased lifespan of the HES choke compared to standard chokes. Although it’s a higher investment, the total cost of ownership is lower because it lasts longer and requires less frequent replacement. This translates to more runtime and less downtime, which means more production and, ultimately, more revenue for our clients.

Matt Nemeth: Can you elaborate on the benefits of this increased lifespan for our customers?

Craig Veale: Certainly. More lifespan equals less downtime and more run time. The longer the equipment runs, the more product flows through it, and in turn, the more money our customers make. Minimizing downtime is crucial in the field because continuous flow is directly tied to profitability.

Matt Nemeth: Is there anything else you’d like to add about the HES choke?

Craig Veale: The HES choke is part of our engineered solutions. It’s not something we came up with on a whim. Our engineering team meticulously designed it to address the specific needs of high-erosion applications. We offer various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for each application. Additionally, our proprietary tungsten carbide blend in the choke is unique to Master Flo, providing an extra edge in durability and performance.

Matt Nemeth: That’s fantastic, Craig. Thanks for sharing all these insights. It’s clear that the HES choke is a game-changer for high erosive service applications.

Craig Veale: My pleasure, Matt. I’m excited for more of our customers to experience the major field benefits this HES choke provides.


Master Flo’s HES choke is a cutting-edge solution designed to tackle the challenges of high-velocity, erosive environments. With its robust construction and superior materials, it significantly reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency, making it an invaluable asset for industries dealing with high-pressure and sandy conditions.

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