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Case study: SmartVue™ Choke helps West Texas operator bring more wells online faster

Remote monitoring and intervention enables speedy well commissioning by eliminating constant flow supervision

Do you know what your well is doing? Of course you do. It’s an extremely valuable asset and you need to keep an eye on it.

But what if your eyes could shift their focus to the next task at hand after your first well is brought online. Would you take advantage of your newfound time and commission the next well on your list?

Of course you would.

Which is exactly what a West Texas operator utilizing Master Flo’s SmartVue™ Choke system did after trialing the unit.

The system, which features an adjustable valve (choke or control), actuator, pressure and temperature sensors, and SmartVue™ electronic process controller, made life a lot more efficient and profitable for the operator in question.

By eliminating the need for constant flow supervision, the SmartVue™ Choke allowed those on site executing the well commissioning to keep on rolling.

Operators on location remarked the system was “Extremely helpful” as they were able to let the well it was installed on flow without constant supervision and adjustment, allowing them to proceed to their other wells and boot them up.

Boosting their production — and profit — in the process.

With the Master Flo SmartVue™ Choke serving as an extra pair of eyes and hands, what would you do with your newfound time?

Make good use of it, surely.

The SmartVue™ Choke system…

  • Works with any Master Flo choke or control valve
  • Works with any actuator
  • Controls any of the following:
    • Flow rate
    • Inlet Pressure
    • Outlet Pressure
    • Pressure Drop
    • Set Rate Pressure Decay
    • Valve Position
  • Logs all data locally and through a remote interface
  • Control values (flow rates or pressures) and inputs can be adjusted remotely through data connection

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