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Rotary Stepping Actuators

Master Flo Rotary Stepping Actuator is designed for the efficient operation of our P2E through P10 choke and control valves. This actuator conveniently mounts directly to the cover plate on bolted-bonnet valves, resulting in a compact sealed design. It enables rapid and straightforward field conversion from manual to automated operation.

Precision and Torque for High Pressure Valves

Operating as a rotary actuator, it employs incremental 36° steps to position the valve in 1/10th of turn rotations of the valve-stem nut. This design provides the precision and high torque required for high-pressure valves. Separate cylinders are responsible for valve-open and valve-close operations, each equipped with a spring to deliver linear thrust converted to rotary action through the actuator mechanism.

Versatility for Varied Applications

To accommodate a range of applications and the entire surface valve lineup, the rotary stepping actuator offers three styles of operating cylinders: pneumatic, high-thrust pneumatic, and hydraulic.

Control Options

The Master Flo Rotary Stepping Actuator is typically operated through solenoids, often in conjunction with position feedback provided by a 4-20 mA position transmitter unit. Additionally, optional positioner control systems are available for enhanced functionality.

Operating Cylinder (supply pressure):

  • Pneumatic (100 psig)
  • High Torque Pneumatic (100 psig)
  • Hydraulic (3000 psig)

Feedback Signal

  • 4-20 mA
  • HART
  • Fieldbus

Manual Override Drive:

  • 1-1/2″ Hex
  • De-clutchable Handwheel


  • Solenoid Valves
  • Position Controller

Fail Action

  • Fail Last

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