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Pneumatic Piston Actuators for ESD Applications (PSE)

Master Flo’s PSE 150 and PSE 300 pneumatic piston actuators are meticulously designed for emergency shutdown (ESD) systems, automatically closing gate valves on wellheads and flow lines during critical situations. These actuators are independently assembled and tested, ensuring seamless serviceability and installation.

Versatile Options for ESD Solutions

The PSE pneumatic piston actuators can be procured factory-assembled, tubed, and tested as part of Stream-Flo Crown reverse-acting gate valves, creating comprehensive packaged emergency shutdown systems. Additionally, factory-assembled Pneumatic ESD+ systems are available with Master Flo choke valves.

Key Features

  • Reliable Performance: These actuators are built to last, characterized by rugged construction with minimal moving parts. This design ensures longevity with minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Ease of Maintenance: The self-contained preloaded spring cartridge assembly enhances safety and simplifies actuator assembly and disassembly. No preloaded action is needed, streamlining maintenance procedures.

  • Adaptable Mounting: Standardized mounting facilitates easy installation onto Crown ESD gate valves. These actuators are also interchangeable between hydraulic and pneumatic configurations, adding versatility to their applications.

  • Protection in Harsh Environments: External surfaces are painted to provide maximum protection against challenging environmental conditions. Special coatings, including offshore epoxy, are also available for added durability.

Stream-Flo Industries is our partner company specializing in self-contained emergency shutdown systems. Visit Stream-Flo Industries for more information on their products and services related to emergency shutdown systems.

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